The more you invest in your marriage, the more valuable it becomes.

The Founders


Vaun & Desiree

At the age of twelve, Vaun & Desiree experienced an instant attraction...well, at least in his eyes, but that was soon to change. He had his heart and mind set on his wife-to-be, and was not to be denied. They began dating in high school, and got married immediately after graduation December 1, 1990.. Now, thirty years, four children, and five grandchildren later, people want to know just how they make their love flow so simple and easy. Their passion for sharing their insights helps to bring harmony and empowerment to couples all over the world. Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life Forever!


  The reason we do what we do is, nearly half of all US marriages are unsuccessful. The other half isn’t successful because they do extraordinary things; they are successful because they do ordinary things better than other couples. We absolutely love to see couples win in their marriages. Maybe you are feeling unappreciated, ignored, lonely, like there's a lack of communication or that you are now living with a roommate instead of your spouse. Our retreats are designed to help resuscitate your marriage and give it a new life. Let us help you be a part of the winning half!


Gary & Karen


Wednesday, January 14, 1989 they met through a mutual friend. He called her after school that day, introduced himself, and wanted to know if she would like to get to know him. They talked almost non-stop and decided to go out on a date that Friday. They hit it off so well that they talked every day after that. They became high school sweethearts. During Karen’s 1st year of college and right after Gary’s Navy boot camp they were married on January 23. 1991. Ten years into the marriage their first child came, a handsome son. Two beautiful daughters have since followed to complete the loving family. Life & marriage have been a blessing to them. Sharing experiences and coaching others along their journey is their way of giving back.


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